At the start of the September meeting, members stood in silence to remember Millicent Mottershead, a member for many years, who passed away recently.

The August meeting had been a social time, spent at the newly-refurbished Colliers Arms Café and Farm Shop, where we enjoyed tea and cakes.

Several members continue to enjoy the ‘Singing for Pleasure’ evenings held monthly at Little Witley Village Hall.

Names were taken for those wishingto attend the annual council meeting at Stourport Civic Centre on October 25 while the Teme and Tenbury group meeting takes place on October 20.

‘Need a Frame’ is Georgina Instone’s frame-making company, based at Cross House, Mamble.

Started eight years ago, Georgina is now well known in the area and further afield for her wide selection of mounts and mouldings.

Frames, she told members, go back to Roman times. Wooden frames were used in the 12th century for ecclesiastical paintings, and by the 19th century the first machine embossed frames were used.

She showed members how different coloured mounts can change a picture by highlighting certain aspects, such as the foreground or background or foliage.

She ended her talk by answering members’ questions and was thanked by Lyn Bowen.

On October 10, the meeting starts at 7.30pm at Mamble Village Hall, and the speaker will be Claire Cassidy from the British Heart Foundation.

Visitors are warmly welcomed to hear her talk, starting at approx 8pm.

‘A special plate’ is the competition and there will be a trading stall.