Bayton Church Choir and helpers once again took to the villages of Bayton, Mamble, Clows Top and Bayton Common before Christmas. The singers braved gales on the first night but were undeterred by the weather and managed to finish in record time thanks to singers from Bayton School coming to help. As the nights progressed we seemed to get less and less singers. By the fourth night we were all thinking this would be the last year of Carol Singing as we are all getting too old for this silly business. However we have raised £747.00 thanks to the generosity of local households. The money has been passed to the Church Treasurer and it will be divided equally between Oxfam and National Deaf Childrens Society. The Singers wish to thank everyone for their generous donations to these charities. We will be carol singing this year and are always open to anyone joining us for a fun time.