On Friday, May 23 there was an annual quiz with Belbroughton Horticultural Show. Derek Walker from Little Larford was the Quiz Master, the participants being three members from Clent Gardening Club and three members from Belbroughton Horticultural Club with members from both clubs taking part as audience participants.

Belboughton won this quiz, but there are no losers in our club, the team with the lower score were presented with plants from Little Larford and the audience member scoring the most points also received some plants.

A great evening.

After this there was a plentiful supper prepared by Clent and as usual food was in abundance and of great quality.

Everyone tucked in and when appetites were satisfied made their way into the annexe for the plant sale.

This has proved a very successful part of our evenings as there are always excess plants when growing them and why not bring them along and share with other people.

On June 6, the club are meeting up for an evening visit to The Barton, a garden worth visiting at Martley, it is a “use your own transport visit” or get a lift with a friend.

Instead of our usual meeting in June another garden visit has been arranged, again in the evening, this time at Hill Close Gardens at Warwick.

This also is own transport.

However, the club meets at the usual place, ie Clent Parish Hall, on July 25 at 7.30pm for a talk by Sue Russell on “Old fashioned roses”, All are welcome to the meetings, anyone interested in either joining or just visiting the club can get further details by visiting clentgardeningclub.wordpress.com/ or by contacting the chairman Pat Orme on 01384 394451