The June meeting was well attended and following our usual time of worship and notices given out by branch leader, Anne Harris, we settled down to listen to speaker, Susan Price.

Susan has been to us in the past and we know her to be an excellent speaker.

Choosing as her theme “United in Prayer”, Susan was in turn inspired and inspiring. She reminded us that all work undertaken by the Mothers’ Union is “underpinned by prayer”. She commented on Mary Sumner, founder of the Mothers’ Union, and wondered what she would think knowing how her small group of village mums has grown into the world wide organisation it is today.

Following Susan’s talk we had a special celebration tea for our secretary, Audrey, for her 80th birthday. There is no meeting in August. We meet again on September 3 when Elizabeth Kearney will talk about the history of the Mothers’ Union.

Committee members please note that the meeting scheduled for 12 noon on September 3 will now be in church at 11.15am after the morning service on September 20.