Members were introduced to Floriade 2012 at our October meeting. It runs over a period from spring to autumn every ten years and covers a very large area establishing a different site every time which is adapted after the show to be of use to the community. Interesting to see the vast difference of ideas and designs represented by so many countries.

It was noticeable that the UK or USA were not represented at this show which was established 1818. Also shown was the flower arranging section which was such a contrast to our ideas but they were mainly for display at commercial sites.

November 11 at 8pm at the village hall, welcomes Robin Pearce from Worlds End Nurseries at Hallow. Some of you may remember when few years ago we had an evening cheese and wine with a tour of Robins lovely garden which was an excellent evening enjoyed by all. Robin is going to talk about ‘Hostas for your Garden’ a subject that we haven’t touched on for a few years.

Don’t forget those surplus vegetables and plants. This month the stand was showing cooking and eating apples, grapes, plants, new plastic seed trays, bird seeds and marmalade. This is your opportunity to sell your surplus garden produce (10% goes to the club funds the rest you keep). Start preparing for Christmas and make an extra Christmas pudding, cake or edible gifts ie: mincemeat, Jams, chocolates, herb vinegars etc. Someone may be glad of them and the trade stand adds a lot of interest to the evening as well as being beneficial for the members.