CHADDESLEY CORBETT HISTORY SOCIETY: On February 17, "A history of Stourbridge glass" by Dr Kate Round.

All lectures are held in Chaddesley Corbett Village Hall. Glass was once a luxury item found in the houses of only the richest. Today it is commonplace in the houses of everyone.

Stourbridge boasts what is reputed as the best glass collection in the world at Broadfield House. Here you can trace the history of Stourbridge glass, for which this region is world

famous, over the 400 years of its production. Dr Kate Round will share her knowledge of this locally produced commodity and trace how its rise in popularity and drop in price spelt the decline of the industries finest and most famous producers.

All meetings are on Wednesdays commencing at 7.30pm. Enquiries to Rob Blakeway 01562 777679,

Membership is £5 per year paid in a tri-yearly cycle. Admission to meeting, members £2.50, non-members are welcome at £3.50

The AGM is in March when there will be a talk on Woodbine Willie