CLENT GARDENING CLUB: The first meeting of the year was held on February 26 at Clent Village when the chairman welcomed a healthy turnout of members and guests for a talk by Patrick Clement from Halesowen entitled "Garden moths and butterflies".

Patrick was welcomed back to the Club after a very successful talk last year on Wildlife in the Garden.

Patrick displayed an impressive and spectacular range of photographs which he had taken in his garden and various other locations. He explained that there were around 20 species of butterflies and 600 species of moths to be found in the UK and members would be surprised at the large variety to be found in their own gardens.

Patrick explained the differences in identifying butterflies form moths although, scientifically, there are the same namely lepidoptera.

The popular myth that butterflies are pretty to look at but moths are somewhat dowdy was soon dispelled as Patrick provided some spectacular examples of colourful moths to be found. He also dispelled the myth that moths are nocturnal but said they were difficult to spot during daylight hours due to camouflage when stationery and speed of flight when airborne.

The Chairman thanked Patrick for an entertaining and informative talk which had been much appreciated by the members. He then drew the raffle and announced the results of the monthly competitions before reminding members that the next monthly meeting was a week later than usual on Friday 1 April to avoid a clash with Good Friday. That meeting will feature a talk by Adam Greathead entitled "Duck ponds, a garden divided".

All are welcome at our meetings which are held at Clent Village Hall on the fourth Friday each month and anyone interested in either joining or just visiting the Club can get further details by visiting or by contacting chairman Martin Grange 01562 883009/07917 184762.