CLENT GARDENING CLUB: The March meeting of the club was actually held on April, the regular Friday being Good Friday. The chairman welcomed a healthy turnout of members and guests for a talk by a local young horticulturist Adam Greathead from Stourbridge. Adam introduced himself as the head gardener from Ashwood Nurseries and the Chairman of the Wollaston Gardener’s Guild.

Adam’s talk entitled "Duck Pools – a garden divided" had many members anticipating a talk on garden ponds but whilst Adam’s garden does indeed contain a small pond the theme of his talk was that dividing a garden into different sections can make even a small plot seem much larger.

Adam’s talk centered on his own garden at his home duck pools and he gave an entertaining and informative talk on a whole variety of common and rarer plants contained therein. His talk was illuminated with a splendid array of photographs taken in his garden and he even regaled us with some poetry, possibly the first poetry at a CGC meeting!

He also entertained us with one or two “jokes” which were largely greeted with groans from the assembled audience.

Altogether an excellent talk which culminated with Adam advising that his garden is open to the public for charity in April and July this year and several members expressed an interest in visiting.

The chairman thanked Adam for an entertaining and informative talk which had been much appreciated by the members. He then drew the raffle and announced the results of the monthly competitions before reminding members that the next monthly meeting was back to the usual fourth Friday in the month on April 22 when the Club welcomes Caroline Hutton to give a talk entitled “Martineau Gardens – Therapeutic Garden”.

All are welcome at our meetings which are held at Clent Village Hall on the fourth Friday each month and anyone interested in either joining or just visiting the club can get further details by visiting our website on or by contacting chairman Martin Grange 01562 883009/07917 184762.