Stand and stare ! Yes! Slow down, look around and quietly cast an eye on your surroundings. You never know what you will see once you have got your eye into focus. In the sky, on the ground or in the hedgerows. This was the advice from our speakers at our October meeting. Jim Preston and Mervyn Needham gave us an interesting insight of the flora, wildlife and birdlife on their travels around Spain. The abundance and range of butterflies and birds were unbelievable and the close observation of spectacular birds was fascinating. Although we saw many shots of birds of prey, Vulcans and water fowl in all their glory we enjoyed the beautiful structure and colour of many small birds. An interesting evening with two very keen wildlife lovers who delve into the background of their subject.

October 12 Garden Design with Jayne Benetto. An opportunity to learn about the construction of a garden and gather ideas to use in your own treasured patch.

‘The Bakers Dozen’

An evening not to be missed on Saturday October 29. Entrance by ticket only.

Contact: Eileen Palmer Te:01562 228446l. Ploughmen’s Supper and Entertainment.

Bring your own Wine and glasses. Members £5. Non members £7.50.

We still need more entries for the Photographic Competition and pictures of our activities for the web site

Contact : Mike Griffiths:

Any articles or news will be welcomed

On November 9 a return visit from Ross Barber who will be talking abut ‘The Winter Garden’.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Village Hall Wednesday October 12th @ 7.30pm

Judy Berrow.

Gardening Tips


Plant up many different plastic pots to fit inside various Stone/Terracotta pots, mark them clearly on the outside with a white permanent marker to identify which Stone pot it fits. Once marked it is easier to exchange the dying display for a new one. Also plant up a range of 3”pots with miniature daffodils, iris, crocus, cyclamen and snowdrops to insert into a larger permanent display. This saves disturbing the whole pot. Using plastic pots prevents the soil drying out and from freezing .