John Rhymer, founder and former head of Bishop’s Wood Centre, at Crossway Green, spoke on “Nature through Nurture”. Explaining the fascinating history of this environmental learning centre, John showed how nature-friendly building, recycling and energy-saving schemes have been pioneered over the past 26 years. Ground-sourced heat; straw building bales; an energy-efficient, quick-build dwelling and reed-bed water cleansing are all featured there. In addition, plantings of thousands of trees and shrubs have helped reclaim the lost Mitre Oak Wood: leaving a beautifully designed and inspiring place.

Primarily, though, it is an educational facility: giving children of all ages the chance to experience nature and the outdoors in an exciting and thoughtful way. From, adventures on the willow Viking ship and bread-making at the Saxon hall, to, recycling in “Green Street” and gathering inside a Giant Leaf to understand photosynthesis, learning is always great fun.

The centre’s reputation is known around Europe and its important function will continue well into the future. Monthly public events are organised by the ‘Friends of Bishop’s Wood Centre’’.

Go to or phone Dr Joy Rooney on 01299 877275 for further information.

All are welcome.