HARTLEBURY COMMON LOCAL GROUP: Phil Rudlin of the Forestry Commission spoke on “Dormice in the Wyre Forest”. It was interesting to learn that this protected species was surviving in some of our local woodland. Phil’s photographs illustrated the endearing qualities of these little creatures: big dark eyes; golden-brown, fluffy body fur and long, fur-covered tails. Even when in ‘torpor’ (a stiff, semi-hibernation state), a curled-up dormouse looks cute!

Behind the relative success of our local populations, though, was extensive monitoring and species support (nest-box provision and maintenance of a suitable environment) by Phil and his colleagues over many years. Lessons from these studies and conservation work will now, however, enable the good management of similar dormouse habitats in other parts of Britain.

On November 14, Hannah Thomas will speak on “Worcestershire Wildlife Trust – our work and reserves” at Stourport Sports Club, Kingsway (DY13 8BQ - opposite Stourport High School) at 8pm, cost £3. Everyone is most welcome. Go to hartleburycommon.org.uk or phone Dr Joy M Rooney on 01299 877275 for further information.