HAGLEY is set to benefit again from community cash as part of the New Homes Bonus Scheme.

Bromsgrove District Council's cabinet has confirmed that New Homes Bonus payments totalling £79,000 would go towards 14 projects across the district.

Among the payouts were a £10,000 grant to Haybridge High School towards its new sports pavilion and £1,580 to 2nd Hagley Guides for new tents.

The New Homes Bonus Scheme, which was introduced by central government in 2011, means central government makes payments to councils every time a new home is built in a local area.

The thinking behind the scheme was that councils would then pass on some of the money to communities experiencing significant levels of new housing, so facilities could be expanded or improved to cater for the increased population.

Initially Bromsgrove District Council did not pass on any NHB money to affected communities, using the money to support the central budget.

But in 2014 the council changed its policy to start passing on money to communities after by Hagley Residents Action Group presented a 1,429-name petition to the council.

Peter Rowbottom, lead petitioner of the original petition to the council, said: "This is the fourth successive year that New Homes Bonus money has been passed on to local communities, and over that period the total amount spent on improving facilities is now over £370,000 across the district, including over £90,000 in Hagley alone.

"It is also worth noting that once again the total requested money for projects far exceeded the amount of available funding, proving how successful the NHB Scheme continues to be across the district."

District councillor for Hagley West, Steve Colella, said: “The latest successful bids from the New Homes Bonus scheme represents further valuable investment in Hagley’s amenities.

"I’d like to add my thanks to the people of Hagley who have supported the NHB Scheme including the many hundreds who signed the original petition to Bromsgrove District Council, which has meant significant NHB money has been invested in Hagley over recent years including previously to Hagley Cricket Club, Scouts, Haybridge Sports Centre, the pavilion, the multi sports court at the primary school and now further investment in Haybridge High School and the Guides.

"All these will leave a lasting legacy for the people of Hagley."