A YOUNG councillor from Hagley who works as a flight attendant has urged young people not to be complacent about their health after contracting COVID-19.

Kyle Daisley, a 22-year-old Worcestershire County Councillor for the Bromsgrove South Division, has shared his 'scary' experience whilst asking others to follow guidelines set by experts.

Cllr Daisley, from Hagley, was operating on a repatriation flight from Los Angeles at the end of March when he first experienced symptoms of the virus and was stood down from his duties by the captain mid-flight.

After 48 hours in self isolation, his condition rapidly deteriorated resulting in an emergency admission to Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley by ambulance and a number of tests.

The councillor was placed in isolation on arrival at A&E due to severe symptoms after arriving back from the US.

Kyle told the News: "It was probably one of the scariest things I have ever been through.

"At first I though I had appendicitis. I felt that my body was starting to shut down because my stomach was in so much pain.

"This virus does not discriminate against anybody. Take extra care and listen to the advice from experts.

"Don't think that just because you don't have any symptoms you don't have the virus.

"Some of my friends have lost their lives because of this virus. It's absolutely devastating.

Kyle has praised NHS staff as "amazing" following his experience and has thanked them for supporting him.

Cllr Daisley added: “I have witnessed first hand how quickly this virus can take hold and completely knock you off your feet.

"I am young and healthy, but the virus does not discriminate.

"I urge young people not to become complacent, follow the lockdown rules and stay home. It can easily be you or a loved one who is the next victim.”