HAGLEY Rambler Scouts are to benefit from a £7,000 cash boost after Bromsgrove District Council announced its latest allocation of New Homes Bonus money.

The council's cabinet has agreed to allocate the money to the scout group to help pay for side stores to its new scout hut.

A £500 grant has also been made to Hagley West Councillor Steve Colella for tree planting in his ward.

He said: "I’m very pleased that my tree planting scheme in Hagley has been supported by the NHB panel.

"It’s an unprecedented approach as it’s the first time that a ward councillor has submitted a proposal directly to the panel.

"Whilst the sum granted is relatively small it does allow me to begin my personal ambition to ‘green up’ the district as a whole and starting by planting trees is an excellent start.

"Having an enhanced green environment in our villages, towns and cities gives many benefits non-least improving health and well-being as well as offering aesthetic and air quality features.

"I’m grateful too for the support given to the Hagley Rambler Scouts for the continued support for its new scout hut; making it an absolutely excellent amenity for the village.”

The funds awarded are part of some £144,000 allocated across the district, to 19 different projects.

After six years of such grants being awarded, more than £100,000 has now gone to projects in Hagley.

New Homes Bonus money is paid to local councils by central government each time a new home is built.

Originally, the intention was for the money to be passed onto local communities but Bromsgrove District Council initially kept it in its central budget until in 2014 a residents' petition of more than 1,400 names persuaded the council to alter its policy so that it too passed on the money to local projects across the district.

Since then more than 100 projects have benefitted from the money across the district, totalling more than £650,000.

A grant of £2,880 has also been made to Clent Parish Council for a football pitch improvement project.