Heightington Village Hall will be the venue for an apple day on Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

During the day there will be an opportunity for you to bring along your apples and/or pears for pressing. There will be no charge for the pressing.

Plastic containers for the pressed juice will be available to purchase at a small cost, or you can bring along your own containers. The resulting juice can be pasteurised at the hall on the day, frozen or even made into cider.

It is not a good idea to use windfall fruit, particularly from orchards that have been recently grazed by animals as there is some danger of infection. Hand-picked apples are the best to use.

A quick way to gather the fruit is to spread a tarpaulin under the tree and shake the fruit onto it. If you do need any sacks or want to borrow a tarpaulin, or if you would like someone to pick your fruit for pressing phone 01299 822987.

There will be plenty of other activities including an apple peeling competition, various apple-based quizzes, children’s games and an apple pie competition.

In addition there will be various displays, advice and information about orchards and how to apply for orchard grants through the Grow With Wyre Scheme.