The Angus & Ross Theatre Company will be bringing the sleuthing skills of Holmes and Watson to the hall tomorrow.

Holmes and Watson: The Farewell Tour will be performed from 7.30pm.

Julian Finnegan and Dominic Goodwin lead the cast in a spectacular display of erudition, forensic deduction and comic timing.

Before slipping into well-earned retirement, Sherlock Holmes has prevailed upon his long-time companion Dr Watson, his landlady Mrs Hudson and Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard to join him in a farewell tour of the British Isles.

For the first time they will re-enact one of the detective's most baffling unrecorded cases – The Case of the Prime Minister, the Floozie and the Lummock Rock Lighthouse – an affair upon whose outcome the security of Europe once hung by a thread.

Tickets are available from 01299 822987.