KIDDERMINSTER ROTARY CLUB: The club welcomed Michelle McCracken, the fund raising manager of the Midlands Air Ambulance, who explained with a video and slide presentation the extent of their commitment.

Without any Government funding they have to find £7 million each year to keep 3 bases in operation covering 6 counties. On average the Service “lifts” 6 people each day at an average cost of £2,500 per mission, expecting to reach 90% of patients within 8 minutes. Unless the destinations are well lit, helicopters only fly in daylight.

Fund raising is a big task and the portion of donations taken for administration is only 10%. In being honoured to give Michelle a sincere vote of thanks, President Brian Fox testified to having had an accident which meant he had to be air lifted to hospital. The air ambulance arrived within 8 minutes. On behalf of the Rotary Club Brian. was pleased to present a cheque to Michelle for £200.

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