MAMBLE CUM BAYTON WI: At the AGM in May, president Val Evans welcomed WIA Sylvia Perkins and a new member. The treasurer and secretary presented their reports and the president thanked the committee for their support throughout the year. Following a vote, Val Evans was re-elected as president and also the committee.

Sylvia gave an update on Denman College and the possibility of a visit.

The two resolutions were then discussed and voted upon. Sylvia presented the first resolution "avoiding food waste and addressing food poverty by calling on supermarkets to sign up to a voluntary agreement to avoid food waste". Secretary Lyn Bowen presented the second which calls upon the NHS to provide facilities for carers to stay with people with alzheimer's when admitted to hospital. The resolutions will be presented and discussed at the National AGM in June.

On June 13, members will visit The Toll House Gardens in Bewdley, starting at 2pm.