MITTON WI: At the monthly meeting held on April 21, members and visitors welcomed Camille from the Melting Pot, Bewdley ( She explained the processes and how to use various techniques and tools to create different effects. There were sponges, stamps, brushes and a range of coloured paints available and members could choose what they would like to decorate; cups, bowls, plates or coasters. Inspiration could be obtained from books but many members just used their creative streak to produce some stunning results.

Mitton WI meets on the third Thursday of the month at 7.30pm in the St Michaels and All Angels Church Hall, Stourport on Severn and new members and visitors are always welcome. To find out more please visit our Facebook page 'Thoroughly Modern Mitton WI' or email

The next meeting will be on May 19 when the group will hold their annual meeting. The WI resolutions will be discussed and voted on and new officers will be elected