STOURPORT CIVIC SOCIETY: Clad in a shining suit of armour and with sword held high, Max Keen, presented himself to talk about Henry V and the battle of Agincourt. Henry was a well educated man and astute military commander. At the young age of thirteen he led troops in the suppression of the Welsh. All this experience was to prove invaluable when, as King Henry V, he began his campaign to reclaim lost territory in France.This was to end with his resounding defeat of the French at Agincourt. Max ended his talk with the famous speech "St Crispens Day".

Next month will be the AGM and the presentation of the Local History award and the committee will be re-elected. Note the annual subs are now due, £8.50.

Meetings are held at the Elizabeth Mills Centre, New Street, Stourport, starting at 7.30pm admission £1.50 members £3 non members.