STOURPORT CIVIC SOCIETY: Did Owain Glyndwr and his French allies ever reach Worcester in their attempt to conquer the English.. An ancient prophecy predicted that Owain and the Welsh would conquer the English and gain control of Shropshire, Cheshire and Worcester. To answer this question Heather Rendall then took us through the evidence buried in ancient chronicles and revealed in long lost legends. The chronicles of Walsingham would seem to indicate Owain did reach Worcester. There are stories of a ghostly French knight that haunts a Worcester bridge. Was he part of the invading army? What happened to the "finds" dug up from a local field that disappeared during WW2 that could be crucial evidence. However the most compelling evidence is King Henry's movements at the time in question. Busy fighting a revolt in the North he suddenly moves to Worcester and then to Hereford. Men are called to arms and funds to equip them sought. Was this all done to stop Owain and drive him back to Wales? The search for answers continues.

Sue Key would like to hear from anyone who has a copy of, or information on, a picture of the Tan Lane School band taken in 1929. Contact Alan if you can help.

At next months meeting on July 13 Victoria Owens will give an insight into the birth of Stourport and the life of James Brindley.

Meetings are held at the Elizabeth Mills Centre, New Street, Stourport, starting at 7.30pm admission £1.50 members £3 non members.