STOURPORT CIVIC SOCIETY: At this months meeting Victoria Owens gave a detailed account of the history of canals. As far back as the early 1600's suggestions had been put forward to link rivers by canals to improve the transportation of goods. In 1760 Wedgwood had proposed a canal to link the Trent to the Mersey to make transportation of his pottery to the Liverpool docks easier. But in 1766 canal mania broke out with many plans being brought before parliament for approval including one to link Worcester and Staffordshire. The man charged with building the canal was James Brindley. Brindley had already proved his ability to build canals following the success of the Bridgwater Manchester canal he had built for the Duke of Bridgwater. Permission to build the canal was given by parliament in May 1766. The original start point for the canal was to be Bewdley but due to difficult terrain this was changed to Stourport. Many problems had to be overcome in its construction,but at all times consideration was given to the needs of local residents and businesses.The work was completed in 1772.

There will not be a meeting during August. The next meeting will be on September 14 when there will be a talk on the history of the commandery.

Meetings are held at the Elizabeth Mills Centre, New Street, Stourport, starting at 7.30pm admission £1.50 members £3 non members.