This is the first annual report by the parish council. It is designed to let parishioners know how the money is spent which is collected through Council Tax, and then goes towards the parish council’s work.


The Council held 4 Council Meetings and 4 Planning Meetings during the year.

Council Membership was: Cllr. M H Gough (Chairman), J Arbuthnott (Vice Chairman) R Dudfield, R F Hobson, Mrs E C Hyde, J A Jordan, M Stinton and M D Talbot. Following the loss of Miss Paula Gould as a Councillor, Mrs D Bird was co-opted as her replacement.

Councillors are not paid any allowances for their Council duties, although they may claim travel expenses if they represent the Council outside the parish.

Stan Gould, Clerk to the Parish Council, retired after 25 years on the 31st March 2009. He is to be replaced by Ms Sue Bamford who is a qualified Clerk also employed by Upper Arley Parish Council. Stan was thanked for his many years hard work and was presented with a picture to mark his retirement.


The Parish Council appointed Bill Waldron, who also works for Chaddesley Corbett Parish Council, as their new Lengthsman. He has been a great success. This service is funded by Worcestershire County Council.

The condition of the road on the A448 along Stone Hill and down to the bend has been constantly monitored and requests made to Worcestershire County Council for action, but little has happened as yet. The Council are continuing with their efforts.

A new rural beat has been created for the area, and CSO Kate Easthope has attended two Parish Council meetings explaining their aims for the future.

Together with PC Sally Sliwinski they hope to hold a PACT (Partners and Communities Together) meeting in the future. Anyone who is interested in being on the panel should contact them direct.

The Council now has a website at then follow the links to Stone. Any Parishioners who wish to advertise forthcoming events on this website should contact the clerk.


The Council is consulted about a wide range of matters by Government Departments, County and District Councils the Police and other organisations.

Many requests for planning applications have been received throughout the year. The Council has paid special attention to the Former Depot, Butts Lane, Stone, to ensure that this meets the terms of the permission granted.

A grant of £690 has been made to St Mary’s Church, Stone, in respect of churchyard maintenance and this was reimbursed by the District Council.


The Council’s accounts have proceeded satisfactorily through the external audit process.


The Council will continue to make the best possible use of its power and of the money which it raises from the Council Tax and other sources to promote the interests of the Parish and its residents. Newsletters will be issued quarterly, and will be posted on parish notice boards and in the church magazine. Members of the public are invited to attend all council meetings.