WYRE FOREST HISTORICAL RESEARCH GROUP: The group will hold its next meeting on July 26 , starting at 2pm, in the Corn Exchange at Kidderminster Town Hall. Melvyn Thompson, the well known Kidderminster historian, will give his brand new talk on "Victorian Kidderminster- what remains" after a very short AGM. The talk begins with an introduction about the town and its past and then there is a DVD filmed in the late 1990s by Ken Hobson, with a commentary by Richard Warner. Anyone interested in the history of Kidderminster and who knows and enjoys Melvyn's other talks will be sure to enjoy this new talk. Everyone is welcome to attend, there is a small entry fee which includes refreshments and a raffle with themed prizes. For further information, call Gay Hill on: 07854378945 or email the secretary at wfhrg@hotmail.co.uk