WYRE FOREST FRIENDSHIP CENTRE: The first thing speaker, David Howe, noted was he was the only man wearing a tie. Is it "modern manners" to wear a tie? This is one of the many decisions we have to make daily regarding the right thing to do. His talk soon made us all realise just how much has changed in the way we behave and how modern technology has effected us all. Talking and letter writing have now been replaced by the text message. Family meals are now so often confined to Sundays and high days, children preferring to snack in front of the tv or laptops. Age and authority no longer have the respect they once did. However he wondered who might be offended if a youngster offered them a seat on a bus or train.

At the meeting on August 17 David Withey will give a talk entitled "Work is a four letter word".

Meetings are held at the Lickhill Community Centre, Lickhill Road, Stourport, starting at 10am.