Some 42 members enjoyed a day out at Bletchley Park last month. Our next outing is to Kew Gardens on July 5. Anyone wishing to book an electric buggy to tour the gardens please contact Averil as soon as possible. Alan Thornton then gave an account of the founding of the Cadbury factory illustrated by a wonderful film produced in 1951 by the Cadbury family. In 1824 John Cadbury started producing chocolate in Birmingham but found the conditions that existed in Birmingham at that time for workers distressing. He had a saying "People should not work in places where roses will not grow". It was this vision that caused the family to move the factory to its present site in the county side.Here did they not only build a ground breaking factory but also houses with gardens for their workers. As well as houses they also provided social, health and educational facilities on the site. Their vision lives on in their famous brand "Roses Chocolates".

The A.G.M followed the talk and Tony reported it had been another fine year for the Centre and thanked the committee for their support. Special thanks were given to Averil on getting a grant from the lottery which had enabled members to enjoy so many fine education outings throughout the year. Subs are now due and remain at £10 per person.

At next months meeting on June 21 we will be celebrating our birthday when we will be entertained by the Ukulele Band. Don't forget to bring a glass to drink the Centres health.

Meetings are held at the Lickhill Community Centre, Lickhill Road, starting at 10am.