We finally got there! After three and a half years of poor leadership, the careers of two prime ministers, and the descent of parliament into little more than a bad tempered, poorly behaved student debating club, Brexit finally crossed the line.

As from 23.01pm on January 31, we are officially out of the European Union. Or, to be more accurate, into the transition phase.

Arguably, this is the trickier part of Brexit – securing the new long term relationship with our nearest friends and neighbours, our biggest trading partners.

We will need to make some very big decisions. What regulatory alignment will we choose? How will we secure market access for our most successful export: services?

There will be myths to destroy. The idea that the EU will welcome an early deal on cars because of the German BMW exports to the UK is countered by the French interests of having no deal on cars because of the jobs that will follow Nissan if they move production to their factories in France.

Similarly, taking back control from unelected Brussels based bureaucrats will only mean passing control to unelected Geneva based bureaucrats at the World Trade Organisation.

We recover sovereignty from the EU, only cede sovereignty in the multitude of trade deals we propose to undertake.

The world is an ever increasingly complicated place and many will have their expectations dashed by the reality of the global rules based order.

But I am an optimist. I am confident we shall secure a deal by December 31 – after all, the EU has agreed it is possible in their proposals.

Similarly, our economy is bigger than the smallest 18 of the EU 27 nations.

We are a country worth doing a deal with. And we are significant global thought leaders. Ours is a country the world seeks to engage with, including the EU.

Importantly, we can drive forward our own trade policy, securing deals with third countries that more suit our bilateral relationship and expectations.

Global Britain is a concept that has never gone away, but is an idea that is being refreshed for the next chapter in our great nation’s history.

Far from being introverted and an exercise in self-indulgence, Brexit is the start of an open, global, world beating era.

There will be bumps along the road, but we are now on the way to a new UK, a global, outward looking, and proud country.