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As spooky season quickly approaches, many of us will be trying to decide what outfit we want to get.

Whether you want to dress up with your dog, your friends, your partner or go it alone… there’s always a maze of choices facing you.

BoohooMAN knows this, and has done some work to reveal what are the most popular Halloween costumes for couples in 2021 if you want to match your significant other.

With online searches for “couples Halloween costume scary” up 179%, and the Tik Tok hashtag and similar variations of #coupleshalloweencostumes raking in an impressive 23.6M views, it shows that matching with your significant other this Halloween is a must.

The top 14 couples Halloween costumes according to Pinterest

  1. Devils
  2. Mr and Mrs Incredible
  3. Mavis and Johnny - Hotel Transylvania
  4. Playboy Bunny and Hugh Hefner
  5. Ghost DIY
  6. The Flintstones
  7. Velma and Daphne
  8. Cheerleader and American footballer
  9. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell
  10. Sandy and Danny Zuko
  11. Hunter and deer
  12. Mummies
  13. Police officer and prisoner
  14. Gomez and Morticia Addams

The research by BoohooMAN shows not all costumes have to be expensive or difficult. If you want to dress up as a mummy, you could just head to your local supermarket and buy some toilet roll!

For the slightly more complex costumes, Boohoo has a great section of Halloween outfits and accessories, check them out here!