CONCERNED residents have said they would not be able to cope with plans to build three new homes on the corner of a narrow street as parking is already a major problem.

The application would see three homes built on unkempt and overgrown land on the corner of Vicar Street and Rainbow Rise in Worcester.

Neighbours have spoken out against the plan over parking and traffic concerns.

The executive committee of the 3rd Worcester Scouts objected to the application saying parking was already a "major issue" for the group and neighbours and drop-off and pick-up times for the scouts group were problematic with the only available on-street and in Rainbow Rise.

The scout group has already changed its meetings times after traffic and parking problems.

The group was also concerned future residents of one of the new homes, which would overlook the scout hut and Raindrops Nursery which is also based in the building, would be disturbed by the constant noise.

Cllr Adrian Gregson and Cllr Tom Collins, who both represent Rainbow Hill on Worcester City Council, have called in the application to the council's planning committee for a decision.

Despite the concerns from residents, planners at the city council have said the application should be approved.

Several residents in Vicar Street said roads were too narrow and would not cope with the extra cars from the new homes.

Residents said delivery lorries and other heavy goods vehicles would not be able to turn around in Vicar Street if permission was given.

The original plan for four homes was reduced to three homes after discussions with the council.

Anna Lewis of Astwood Road said: "With the surrounding area already being over-populated and largely built up, adding to this with such implausible plans will cause further issues regarding parking and traffic flow.

"As a resident of a property in close proximity, this road gives many a place to park for those who already lack parking.

"Further, it will be dangerously chaotic to erect these buildings, with the prolonged use of large vehicles being needed for this project to occur.

"Vehicles and people of all ages including children regularly use this road to access properties and businesses, potentially putting their welfare at jeopardy for a considerable amount of time."

Julie Barnes of Albany Road said: "Parking is already an extremely high concern for our neighbours in the area as vehicles park on double yellow lines or block residents drives and residents are unable to park.

"The proposed dwellings are looking to replace the parking already in use for some of our neighbours but this will lead to even further problems with parking and this area cannot cope with any more capacity of vehicles parking here.

"If these homes are built it will make the situation even worse if they themselves have visitors who also need to park around here."

The city council's planning committee meets at 1.30pm in the Guildhall on Thursday (October 24).