IT has been revealed that when people in Ludlow faced with serious flooding asked the town council to help them by providing skips this was refused because the town clerk did not have the authority to approve this.

The Advertiser understands that when approval was sought this was not forthcoming.

On the Sunday morning when the flooding was at its worst there had been a request to the town council to provide skips in the areas worst affected.

But the town clerk Gina Wilding did not have the necessary authorisation to agree to the authority picking up the cost.

A request for skips was initially made to Shropshire Council but this was refused, although this decision was later changed and they were available from the middle of the week.

Initial reports were that there were 17 homes affected by flooding in Temeside and 15 in Lower Corve Street.

The sequence of events was that the town clerk was alerted of the risk of flooding and put out a message on social media.

She also contacted the emergency planning team at Shropshire Council.

Public toilets and the boat shed at the Linney recreation area were protected by sandbags but there were no sandbags available for local residents.

Town councillor Vivienne Parry, who is also the Shropshire councillor for Ludlow South, said that she had asked Shropshire Council to provide sandbags on the Sunday morning but was told that they were not available.

It was decided to open the Methodist church as a rest room where people could go.

The town council staff assisted with lifting of heavy items, and the landlord of the Unicorn Inn organised the local community to assist with the clearance of flood damaged items on Thursday.

There was a call at a special town council meeting for flood barriers to be provided to people living on Temeside, and it was said that if the wall had been two feet higher some of the flooding would have been prevented.

The leader of Shropshire Council Peter Nutting and its chief executive Clive Wright, who has since stepped down, visited Ludlow and were shown around by the mayor, Tim Gill, and Andy Boddington, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow North.

Vivienne Parry now believes that Shropshire Council has agreed to

increase the height of a

section of wall at Teme-side.

It has also be agreed that in future Shropshire Council will deliver sandbags to the parts of the town under threat.

Speaking outside the town council meeting, Mrs Parry said that it was not a case of apportioning blame but that lessons had to be learned. “There needs to be plan to bring things together,” she said.

“A lot of people were working hard but there was a lack of co-ordination. We must not let the need for a proper flood plan be forgotten until it happens again.”