A LIFT at Ludlow railway station is a step nearer following a meeting in the town to discuss plans.

National Rail has held a meeting with people from the town to discuss how a lift will be installed at the railway station.

This will deal with a major problem for people with disabilities that use the train.

The lack of a lift has caused major inconvenience and resulted in some people being unable to get off at the station.

Because of the geography of Ludlow station people coming from the direction of Shrewsbury face a major problem when they get off in Ludlow if they want to go into town.

In some cases this means that people who are travelling south and want to get off in Ludlow decide to carry on to Leominster.

When they arrive at the station in Leominster they then transfer to the northern track and catch a train coming from the direction of Hereford back to Ludlow where they can get off on the town side.

Vivienne Parry, leader of the Ludlow Access Group, says that a lift will be a major benefit to people with disabilities or those who are pushing a buggy.

It is not known when the lift will be installed although the funding has been secured.

Mrs Parry said she has been told a a meeting with National Rail that the lift at Ludlow will be a priority and she hopes that the installation can take place as soon as possible.