THE Destination Ludlow Partnership is launching a campaign ‘Love Ludlow’ to raise funds to help improve the visitor welcome in Ludlow.

It will launch at the Shropshire Hills Tourism Expo at Ludlow Castle at the end of March.

This is a free event for businesses involved in the Tourism sector.

At the event the group will reveal the short promotional film which they commissioned from local film makers SMN.

The film will be available to local businesses to host and share on social media to help promote the town.

There was a time when there was marketing support for the county but this has long disappeared and now it is up to traders and businesses in Ludlow to do all that they can with the very limited resources available to attract people to visit the town that is heavily dependent upon tourism to support the economy and jobs

The new Ludlow Guide website managed buy Ludlow Chamber will also be launched at the same event. The group would like to spend the money raised on new orientation maps for visitors and interpretation boards, a survey of existing boards is being undertaken and suggestions for new ones and locations are being identified.

“There is no grant support for the tourism sector and as a group of businesses and organisations we have identified a number of projects we would like to undertake to improve the town’s welcome and help attract new visitors to Ludlow,” said Tish Dockerty, chair of the Group.

“The Love Ludlow campaign will allow us to raise funds and move forward in a coordinated approach.”

Events are beoing organised that will help raise funds for the ‘Love Ludlow’ campaign including a Foodie Quiz at Ludlow Brewery on May 21, a Ludlow Fashion Show and a Historical Quiz at the Feathers to name but a few.

The group were founded and supported by Ludlow Chamber of Commerce and have links with other Tourism bodies in the county and the Marches area. The group has formed a ‘Founders club’ that will help kick start the campaign.

So far businesses that have joined the founders club include Ludlow Castle, Ludlow Town Council, Feathers Hotel, Bill’s Café and Morris Leisure.

If any businesses would like to find out more information about the campaign they should contact contact Tish Dockerty to register for the Shropshire Hills Tourism Expo 2020 on the March 30 look on the ‘eventbrite’ website.