WHEN people are in situations in which they are with others they are being reminded of the need to keep their distance.

This is being applied in GP surgeries in Ludlow and was also applied at a meeting at Ludlow Methodist Church to discuss how the community can work together to help each other during the cornavirus outbreak.

The virus is passed through droplets that are expelled when people cough or sneeze.

Therefore, the advice is to keep a distance between people when they are meeting or in the same room together.

If possible, people should keep two metres apart.

Masks are of limited value and some believe they can make things worse.

The virus can survive on some surfaces for up to 72 hours and so it is important to keep surfaces as clean as possible.

It can also be caught via physical contact such as shaking hands. The most important defence is regular and through hand washing with soap and water.

People should avoid touching their faces, mouths, noses and eyes.