SCHOOLS throughout Ludlow and south Shropshire have been closed to most students.

The schools closed their doors last Friday and will not open again until further notice.

Preparations are well advanced for summer examinations but these will not now be held.

This will come as blow to students at Ludlow School, Lacon Childe School in Cleobury Mortimer, at Bishops Castle Community College and the secondary school in Church Stretton.

It is not known what will happen with students who would normally be leaving to study for A levels or to go to university in September.

The government has said that some schools will remain open for the children of what are described as key workers such as those employed by the National Health Service.

There will also be special arrangements made for children that are considered to be particularly vulnerable and need support.

Children are not considered to be high risk from the virus but they are able to transmit the condition and be carriers.

This presents problems especially in situations where the fall back would normally be grand parents who are likely to be considered to be at a higher risk if they get the virus.

Not every school is providing the service for the children of parents who are considered key workers.