Temperatures are set to soar in some parts of the UK on Wednesday - potentially giving us the hottest day of the year so far.

It will be sunny and very warm inland on Wednesday (May 20), with temperatures set to soar in some parts, although cooler with low cloud around some coasts.

What will the weather be like throughout the UK on Wednesday?

The North East will see highs of 21C on Wednesday, with bright sunshine throughout most of the day in most parts of the region.

The North West is set to see a peak temperature of 22C throughout the day, accompanied by bright skies.

London and the South East could see highs of 27C, with wall-to-wall sunshine throughout the day.

On Good Friday of this year, 26C (78.8F) was recorded in Treknow, Cornwall.

Yorkshire is forecast to experience highs of around 24C on Wednesday, with bright sunshine throughout the day.

Wales is set to see peaks of 21C and bright skies throughout the day.

Wednesday in Scotland will be mainly dry with brighter spells, but there will also be some winds. It will feel warm to very warm for many, particularly in Central Belt, with highs of around 22C.

What will the weather be like for the rest of the week in the UK?

The Met Office predicts things “turning generally cooler and more unsettled thereafter with showers, thunderstorms and rain at times.”

What is the long-range forecast?

Looking further ahead, the Met Office long-range forecast until Sunday, May 31, says: “It is expected that this period will start very warm with good spells of long, fine and dry weather throughout.

“However, it is possible that following this, rain will develop across some western regions, perhaps spreading east at times whilst weakening.”

There’s also the risk of strong winds, mainly in western areas, and rain may turn heavy at times, but confidence in this is currently low.