‘I HOPE you rot in hell’ - says a woman whose family cat was killed by a hit and run driver.

Three-year-old Barney was killed on Wednesday evening (June 3) at around 11pm, after a driver was “using the road as a racetrack” on Madresfield Road, in Malvern.

Sophie-Ann Southwood has called for a permanent speed camera and speed bumps to be installed following the tragedy, which saw her parents beloved pet killed on the road.

Sophie, from Malvern, said: “My parents are finding it very hard to deal with it. We are not coping well at all. We are truly heartbroken.

“He was curled up on the sofa with my dad 10 minutes before he wanted to go out for his evening outing.

“We think he was on his way back home when he got hit by a car speeding through the village.

“My mum and dad heard a bang and rushed out thinking someone had an accident, to find Barney lying in the road outside their house.

“The car was driving that fast Barney died instantly. My dad did try mouth to mouth on him, but it was too late.”


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She added: “Something needs to be done about Madresfield village because next time it could be a human or worse, a child.

“This can’t keep happening, too many hearts are being broken.

“It’s ridiculous - nobody seems to care about anything anymore. They use the village as a racetrack.”

Barney's body is now at Avenue Veterinary Centre in Malvern where he will be cremated, so Sophie’s parents – Bridget and Malcolm – can have his ashes back home.

Sophie said it’s “even harder” to cope with, as she has Barney’s mum, Lilly and sister Lola at her house.

Sophie posted on Facebook: “To whoever came through Madresfield village tonight racing through with no care in the world, hit and killed my parents cat Barney who was only three years old.

“You should be ashamed of yourself not having the guts to stop. You low life scum I hope you rot in hell.

"We had to say a very unexpected goodbye to my mum and dads best friend Barney.

"You was one amazing little boy. Sleep tight my angel. You was taken from us way too soon."

Sophie is starting the petition after Barney was killed and also Sally, a Trailhound, who was ran over by a hit and run driver on the same road on May 31.