THE leader of Malvern Hills District Council has had her work recognised by a regional campaign.

Cllr Sarah Rouse has had her work dealing with the floods of February 2020 and coronavirus crisis as part of the West Midlands Emplyers Everyday Heroes campaign.

Cllr Rouse has been praised for how she has responded and helped residents of the district throughout the crises. In one example, a social worker called to say how relieved she was that Sarah had sorted out support for her patient’s return from hospital.

She (Cllr Rouse) said: "I’m all about the community, all about bringing councillors together with officers and doing what’s right for residents. I don’t do games, I don’t do party politics or point scoring.

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"Our staff have been amazing, getting the business grants out, keeping services going, working out how we can make social distancing work in services like public toilets and other awful things we’ve had to think about like dealing with excess deaths. I can’t thank them enough."

Local authority improvement body West Midlands Employers is owned by 33 councils across the West Midlands and launched the campaign this month to recognise council workers who are working around the clock to keep essential services running and keep people safe through the coronavirus crisis.

Anyone can nominate one or more local council heroes and West Midlands Employers will review nominations in partnership with the relevant council and we will share their stories via

Rebecca Davis, chief executive of West Midlands Employers, said: "It is amazing to hear how Sarah has responded so quickly and positively to the crisis and how she is working with the wider team to ensure the community have the support they need."