POLICE are appealing for information after a father of two was set upon whilst walking back from a night out.

Rhys Jones, 22 was set upon outside Shrub Hill Station by a gang of men at around midnight on Saturday July 4.

A spokesman for West Mercia Police said: "West Mercia Police were called at 9.40am on Monday 6 July by the victim following an assault on Saturday (4 July) between midnight and 1am Sunday (5 July) near to Shrub Hill Station where he has been injured.

"The man has attended hospital with a broken jaw."

Chief Inspector Gareth Morgan “This is a serious incident and we are keen to find and charge those responsible.

“We are appealing to anyone who may have information regarding this assault, who may have seen an altercation take place to please contact us on 101 quoting 120 I 060720.”

Mr Jones told the Worcester News: "I don’t remember a lot but I know I was punched so hard in the face my jaw was broken in two places.

"I remember being up near the station at around midnight, terrified and covered in blood. I was trying to flag down a car to take me to the hospital. I was in unimaginable pain.

“My jaw was broken in two places.

“I am now having all my food and drink through a straw. My jaw is getting more and more swollen. It is unbelievably painful.

“I can’t face my children, I don’t want them to be upset by how I look. I feel just terrible. I suffer from depression and anxiety anyway and this situation has just made it so much worse. I have flashbacks of the attack all the time.

“I will not be going out into town at night again. I believe that this sort of thing happens more than you might think, but people are too ashamed or scared to report it.

“I see no reason at all why the people that did this to me should get away with it.”