A BUDDING adventurer, who travelled more than 10,000 miles to Antarctica to learn about climate change, is now determined to inspire others to lead greener lifestyles.

Edward Bayliss, from Ombersley, was one of ten lucky npower employees selected to take part in the life-changing expedition.

The credit control team manager got involved in the scheme after writing a 400-word essay expressing his desire to learn about the effects of global warming.

The former Sytchampton and Stourport High School pupil met up with experts and fellow travellers from around the world before spending 12 days at sea exploring the continent.

The 26-year-old said: “After being back for more than two weeks since my trek to Antarctica, it’s really starting to sink in the size of the problem we all face.

“I now have insight into what climate change is actually doing and I feel it’s my mission to now spread that knowledge to try to inspire people to make a difference.

“Antarctica is a special place, so beautiful and quiet and a million miles apart from our day-to-day lives we all live.

“The views are just breathtaking – the sea, the glaciers, the icebergs and the wildlife.

“Being able to see humpback whales, gentoo penguins and leopard seals in their own habitat is something I will never forget.

“Then knowing that if we keep living the way we do then one day this may all be gone.

“In order to keep living the way we do will mean we will have to go to the South Pole in the pursuit of fossil fuels, which really made me think.”

Edward is now visiting schools and businesses making presentations about how people can live carbon friendly lives.

He said: “I always finish my presentations and conversations with the saying, ‘The biggest threat to global warming and climate change is thinking that someone else will solve it’.

“Don’t leave it to someone else. Make a difference today otherwise the last great wilderness on earth, Antarctica, will be no more and if that is the case the rest of the planet will suffer along with it.”

Edward Bayliss is available for further talks and presentations and can be contacted on 07825 607955.