HOBSONS Brewery has teamed up with Cooking Like Cleopatra to organise a special event, which will combine Shropshire Ales with Egyptian mezze.

The inspiration for the event, which will take place on Thursday, March 26, came from the recent discovery of a 3,000 year old tomb of an ancient beer brewer in Luxor.

The evening will allow guests to taste popular Egyptian vegetarian dishes together with the appetizing range of various Hobsons ales on offer.

Marina Ibrahim, an Egyptian mezze guru, said: “The legend goes that beer in Pharaonic times was believed to have been an important part of the ancient Egyptian people’s staple diet to help keep them strong and build pyramids.

“Clearly, we won’t be using ancient Egyptian beer, but some of Hobson’s lovely brews go very well with the Egyptian dishes I will be creating.”

Kate Pearce, marketing manager at Hobsons, said: “Egyptian food is on the cusp of being embraced by the western world on the scale of Indian, Thai or Chinese food.

“It certainly deserves to be and our range of Hobsons Ales not only go ideally with, the vast array of flavours and aromas means there is something everyone on that night.”

Tickets are £20, and can be purchased on 01299 270837.