NIMBLE-fingered knitters have boosted the Kidderminster Hospital’s League of Friends’ Scanner Appeal by raising hundreds of pounds for the cause .

Members of the Rock Knit & Knatter group got behind the Shuttle-backed appeal during its annual autumn sale, boosting the coffers by £800.

They sold items including knitted baby clothes, jumpers, socks and gloves, made from wool do-nated to by generous residents .

Each year, members donate cash from their autumn sale to worthwhile local causes and this time they chose to support the £125,000 Scanner Appeal.

Rosemary Dalley, who set up the knitting group in 2008, said: “I knew that the Scanner Appeal needed money and we try and put the money into a local charity that’ s going to affect most of us. We just felt it was a good thing to do to help them raise the money."

To donate to the scanner ap-peal call the League of Friends on 01562 67653.