Parliamentary confusion is increasing exponentially. Monday’s angry scenes in the Commons chamber descended into farce when an MP marched off with the ceremonial mace, only to have it wrested from him by a much-respect but diminutive door keeper in her mid-60s.

He was later found celebrating his achievement in the Red Lion with the dozen or so people who didn’t think him an idiot.

This week’s meaningful vote, the one that would definitely not be cancelled or postponed under any circumstances, reassured by ministers and others (me included) on the country’s TV screens and radio airwaves was, well, delayed.

The vote was expected to be lost by well over 100, and to be fair to the PM, renegotiation would have been impossible given the numbers. So better, it is suggested, to have a go at renegotiating when those against her proposals are an unknown, but potentially win over-able group.

The tea rooms have been rife with gossip about what happens next. No one really knows although we are all guessing. But one thing is emerging out of this: the chance of a second referendum, incredibly slim a few weeks ago, may have passed the 50 per cent level.

It is no secret that I campaigned for remain. I have frequently repeated that should there be a second referendum that I will not change my view.

But I am a democrat. I was elected in 2015 on a manifesto to deliver an in/out referendum. We did that.

I was re-elected in 2017 on an increased majority and near 59 per cent vote share to deliver Brexit. We have yet to deliver.

To not deliver Brexit would be a betrayal of the system we have of representational democracy. That is why I was, and still will, get behind the deal that we should be voting on this week.

I completely appreciate people’s concerns about the backstop, but whilst the path may have been rocky, the destination being promised was a proper Brexit, free of customs unions, payments, the ECJ, free movement of people and all the rest of it.

A second referendum may be another in/out, but I would prefer a May’s Deal/No Deal choice. We shall see when we get there, but trying to predict the outcome of any of this stuff is for the birds.