Frankly, it is a huge relief to be out of the hot house of Parliament. Last week was becoming increasingly ridiculous with allegations of goodness knows what flying all over the place.

Now, we can all go back to our constituencies and calm down. We can surround ourselves with the joyous season and remind ourselves that an awful of people rely on us to get running the country, including Brexit, right.

But not for everyone is Christmas a time for two weeks off. There are countless people who will come into work over the season, not just making sure we are safe, but also making sure everything works.

Hospitals will be staffed by doctors, nurses and their support staff to make sure those who need care get it. Ambulances will be available for those who hurt themselves or are taken ill. The fire brigade will be on call for accidents and fires. The police will not stop keeping us safe just because everyone else is on holiday. The military will still be available if needed, and those deployed through Christmas will celebrate, but be available at a moment’s notice.

But there are many, many more people doing important work. All those services we take for granted – gas, electricity, water and telecoms – need engineers on hand to fix a broken power line or a burst water main. Someone needs to keep the gas flowing, the electricity generated and the water pumping. And if it freezes or floods, the council needs someone to grit the roads, and the Environment Agency needs someone to tackle the natural emergency.

And then there are those people who give up their time for others less fortunate.

Homelessness is, tragically, still far too commonplace. Yet volunteers and organisations like the Salvation Army go out and do their best to make sure people get some cheer at Christmas.

Any MP will tell you that this country is full of brilliant, unselfish people who diligently and reliably do their job, who volunteer to help in a myriad of ways, and who just want to make their bit of the world a better, safer place.

So on Christmas day, the wrong side of a huge lunch and just about to snooze in front of the Queen’s Speech, raise a glass for all those at work or volunteering, and remember that they are the ones who make our lives safe and secure. Happy Christmas.