KIDDERMINSTER Harriers' board of directors made the unprecedented step to apologise for mistakes they have made.

At last week’s fans’ forum, chairman Ken Rae admitted replacing Steve Burr with Andy Thorn in the Harriers hot-seat in January 2014 was a ‘mistake’.

Thorn guided Harriers to a memorable 3-2 win over Peterborough United FA Cup and was in charge for the Fourth Round tie at Sunderland but was removed after two months following four defeats in seven Conference Premier games.

He was sacked in March last year and replaced by Burr’s assistant Gary Whild, who had been put on gardening leave.

“We as a board have made mistakes, we don’t deny we have made mistakes,” conceded the chairman.

“Andy Thorn was a mistake, his assistant Craig Knight wasn’t if I am being honest, but they came as a package.

“One of the reasons that Gary was put on gardening leave was that he met with Andy and he didn’t want him part of the management team. We apologise unreservedly.”

Rae revealed the board had been summoned by chairman Mark Serrell, who presented Thorn and then ratified appointment. He also said that it was not a unanimous decision to leave Whild in limbo.

Serrell and wife Ruth, who was company secretary, left in February 2014 blaming abuse a minority of disgruntled fans.

But director Gino Ruffinato launched a staunch defence of the former chairman.

He said “When Mark joined, the club was over £350,000 in debt and he worked his butt off to the point that the club did not owe any money.

“His wife worked 40 hours a week and she never got paid. He worked many hours and never got paid, he turned the club around.

He added: “There is nobody who can take one penny out of the club without it being passed by the board."