KIDDERMINSER chairman Colin Gordon admits the club is bracing itself for firm interest in a host of their talented young players in the new year.

Harriers have been making their mark in National League North this season due to their style of play and array of potential stars.

The likes of Elton Ngwatala, Tyrell Waite and Arthur Gnahoua have all bagged the headlines with their goalscoring prowess.

Gordon thinks it's inevitable that interest will soon be shown in the youngsters.

He said: "We know people are looking over our fence but that's the basis of what we do.

"Our average age of the team is 22 and everyone is aware of that. Every player is attracting attention at the moment, especially because of the way we play the game, the way the manager believes the game should be played and the way the club have set out our philosophy right the way through, be that the academy or our youth teams.

"That is the only way you can showcase talent. You can't do that if the ball is up in the clouds all the time.

"If we then have the opportunity to move that talent on then we can't stand in their way when an opportunity comes. We recruited them because we said we'd be able to create that opportunity for them.

"What we have to do is get the best value.

"When that happens you have to have others that are ready to come into the side. You have to know who the next one is.

"I think we will have a few bids but what we need to do is balance our current position financially with the necessity of accepting bids. We also have a moral responsibility to those players to help them progress, but without losing the ability to win football matches.

"It's a difficult balance to have and I know fans will be worried about losing players but we are not out of the woods yet as regards to the structure and funds we have to support the club. It'll still take a couple of years to build that up. If we do sell a couple of players it will because we need to."