MORE than 30 Taekwondo students from Wyre Forest have been summoned for national training.

Members of the Taekwondo Association of Great Britain (TAGB) who have achieved red belt or above are invited to take part in the training, with the sessions hosted by the committee members of the national body.

TAGB Wyre Forest has sent its 34 senior grade students to attend and out of those, 13 are set to do their black belt grading next month.

Katie Billingham, instructor at TAGB Wyre Forest, said: “Locally we are honoured with the presence of Master Paul Donnelly, eighth degree black belt, who put our local families through their paces in three gruelling Sunday Sessions during March.

“National training ensures that senior students are still regularly pushed beyond their comfort zones, something which is at the core of martial arts.

“The TAGB, and Wyre Forest Taekwondo, are passionate about showing people how much opportunity for development there is after black belt.”

For more information about TAGB Wyre Forest visit or call Katie Billingham on 07885 293088.