HAGLEY taekwondo student Laura North is celebrating after having her achievements recognised.

The mum has been named as student of the year for Wyre Forest Taekwondo's Hagley group.

Each year the award is given to a student who exemplifies the qualities that a good martial artist should have.

North was handed the 2018 gong for her work to perfect technique and for never shying away from a challenge in class. She was also highlighted for training regularly each week, pushing herself by entering tournaments and testing her skills under the pressure of competition.

She trains alongside her daughter Alex and the pair have enjoyed taekwondo classes together for many years. She now regularly helps with the Little Ninja’s classes where her daughter enjoys her sessions alongside other budding young stars.

The annual award was announced this week after much consideration by the club’s instructor Katie Billingham.

She said: “Each year I give a lot of thought to the skills and qualities I want to give recognition to. Laura is someone who gives all she can to everyone around her and to support the club, while quietly working towards her own goals.

"While she has always been a natural, she does not have the confidence in herself that she should about her own abilities. I wanted her to have the award because I wanted her to know that I see how hard she is working, and how much she gives, and it is greatly valued. I am excited to watch her grow as she trains towards her black belt and I hope she is an inspiration to others in the club to follow in her footsteps.”

With a busy year ahead the club is now in preparation for gradings, competitions and courses. For more information please contact Billingham on 07885 293088 or see wyreforesttaekwondo.com