ULTRARUNNER Darren Linney continues to shine in the sport after swapping Stourport for south Australia.

Linney, originally from Arley Kings but now living in Adelaide since 2006, is currently ranked number one in the world for holding the fastest time over 100km by the sport's governing body for Ultramarathons.

He also became the south Australia 100km state champion for the second year in succession in January 2019.

The former Stourport High School pupil and Stourport Athletics Club junior is pleased with how the year has started.

He said: "I do not claim to be a specialist in the 100km distance so I am thrilled to be ranked number one in the world ranking for at least one third of 2019 as there will no doubt be much faster times for the rest of 2019.

"As an Australian citizen, it could be ranked as one of the best times in Australia for 2019 for that I am really happy with it as it is quite a competitive distance too.

"For me it was even more special to claim the title of 2019 South Australian 100km track champion for the second year in a row. I could not of had a more perfect race. I felt great all the way through, no issues, ran consistent and my strategy worked out.

"I finished in a time of seven hours, 44 minutes, which was 32 minutes faster than my previous year, setting a new course record."

"I am a runner that will give most distances a go, from 5km Parkruns to running for six days on road or trail, but I am proud to call myself an Ultrarunner. I love to see how much I can push myself, body and mind.

"All of this would not be possible without the love and support of family and friends. It really all started with my mom and dad who ran local 10km and half marathon events and also London marathons in the 80s and early 90s.

"I will continue to run for rest of my life. Running is a great way for myself and family to stay active and healthy. As for future events, I am excited to where it will take me and hope to accomplish more."