WYRE Forest Taekwondo students are celebrating after a 100 per cent pass rate at their recent colour belt gradings.

The event was held at the Portway Lifestyle Centre in West Bromwich and brought together 80 students to grade under Grand Master Paul Donnelly, a founding member of the Taekwondo Association of Great Britain (TAGB).

There was a 100% pass rate for the schools from Bewdley, Hagley, Stourbridge and Wombourne. A Pass-Plus grade, a higher level of pass reflecting a student’s additional power and skill, was awarded to Elliot Munn, Alexandria Powell and Polly Lapworth, Laura North, Richard Liu, Meera Pandit, Moa Stromberg, David Bishop, Matilda Swinburne, Christopher Dufty.

An Advanced Pass, or A-Pass grade is given to those who excel in all aspects of the grading. These were hard earned this time around and only a few diligent students made the grade. Congratulations to Abdulhai Mohammed, Amelia Dunne and Richard Stone members of Chris Lee Schools of Taekwondo, the Stourbridge branch of the TAGB network.

The much-coveted Best In Grade award was given to Charlotte Howell, from Hagley TAGB, who’s technique and power for her size was outstanding. Charlotte trains very hard despite having injuries to her hips meaning she is often in pain when she kicks. Her instructor Katie Billingham said: “I’m so pleased for Charlotte to have been recognised like this. I really see a talent in her that she doesn’t yet see in herself, and even without being able to train her legs as much as she would like I know that she still has a very bright future in Taekwondo. I hope this will be the boost she needs to go all the way.”

For more information please contact Katie Billingham on 07885 293088