SEVEN youngsters from Bewdley’s Little Ninja’s Taekwondo club were celebrating this week as the results of the coloured belt gradings were announced.

Bjorn Woolley, Senna McGarry-Cross, Darcey Mander, Ayrton Mander, Leo Billingham and Lily Grover who were all successful in their belt promotions.

The class welcomes children from ages four and up and introduces them to the basics of taekwondo.

When the children have grown in confidence and skill they are prepared for the grading which is in no way reduced for their young age. The aspiring ninjas are put through their paces alongside their grown peers and are required to attain the same standard to pass.

If a student demonstrates a higher level of skill they are awarded an Advanced Pass (A-Pass) grade. It is rare for juniors to meet this target but Lily Grover, who is also a very talented swimmer, impressed the examiner on the day enough to be awarded this much-coveted mark.

Instructor Katie Billingham said: “I’m so proud of my little ninjas, they were so brave. It takes a lot to learn and train the difficult movements and routines. They did a great job on the day and I’m very proud of them all.”

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